The team

Seven people took part in the trip in total, although we were only six at any one time - Sophie and Vicky shared a place between them, with Vicky flying out to Nepal to meet us and swapping places with Sophie who then flew back. An eighth person also flew out to join us for a month in Nepal and to help with the work there.

Adam, Pat, Vicky and myself all met at Liverpool University, while Sophie was a friend of Adams, Meg his sister, and Sam an old school friend of mine.

Our glorious leader and the fool who's idea it all was, Ad had recently completed his degree in Mechanical Engineering.
He now works as a designer for the R.N.L.I, although naturally they demanded a haircut first.
Pat is one of those people who consistently volunteered for every grim and oily job without ever complaining.
It's lucky for him really, because the smell of his socks would otherwise have forced us to leave him behind.
The youngest of the group, Adam's sister Meg retains the honour of being one who was bitten by a monkey, although Pat was attacked by some sort of mongoose. It gave me a fairly vicious licking too, but didn't require quite as many injections afterwards.
Our second Mechanical Engineer and Land Rover expert, Sam rebuilt 'Homer' the orange Land Rover for the trip and still manages to keep it going.
Now designing racing cars for a living, which although faster, won't sleep three people.
Brought along for my unfailing ability to avoid doing any cooking, I did once cook some sort of chilli in Italy (day 4) which I never fail to remind everyone.
The ludicrous facial hair is a distant memory, though unfortunately everything else is much the same.
Due to ongoing college commitments, Soph could unfortunately only complete the outward journey and had to then fly home.
By the time of our return 5 months later, she was still suffering from an upset stomach...
Vicky revolutionised our cooking habits on her arrival in Nepal by showing us that it was possible to exchange money for fruit and vegetables and thus avoid the scurvy we would otherwise probably have suffered on our diet of rice and biscuits.