Dates & route

Expedition route


We left England on November 1st 1995 and made a fairly direct and speedy outward trip, arriving in Nepal on the 14th December.

After more miles and a quick stop in the town of Pokhara, we arrive in the capital Kathmandu a week later, taking just over seven weeks and 6951 miles in total.

We stayed in Nepal, either in Kathmandu or working in the country for eleven weeks in total, leaving on the 1st of March. The return journey was more leisurely, and an enforced stay in India with visa problems meant a short skiing trip in Northern India as well as another couple of days off in Southern Turkey.

The entire return trip took just over ten weeks, and we finally returned to England on the 10th May 1996, six and a half months and 14,300 miles later.


The outward and return routes were similar for a lot of the way, but we made as many changes as we could for the sake of seeing new places. We left our base in Wolverhampton and took a commercial transport ferry from Immingham near Hull. This travelled to Zeebrugge in Belgium, and from here we passed through France, Switzerland and Italy before taking another ferry to Greece.

Greece led to Turkey where we followed the northern Black Sea coastline before heading south slightly and over the mountains into Iran. There wasn't much choice of roads through Iran, so we took it and headed across the desert into Pakistan.

Here we had a basic choice of heading south down to Sukkur or North over a shorter but less well-paved route to the Indian border at Amritsar. We took the Sukkur route for the outward journey and the Northern route on the return.

From Amritsar we headed to Delhi before curving Northwards to Nepal, crossing at Sunauli.

The return journey varied again in Turkey where we headed through the centre before dipping South for a quick holiday on the beach. Then due North to Istanbul before taking our major route change by heading through Eastern Europe. We went through Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic and Germany before arriving back in Belgium for the return crossing to England.