The photos

Photos from the UK & Europe Photos from Turkey & Iran Photos from Pakistan & India Photos from Kathmandu, Nepal

I took hundreds of photos on the trip, many of which I have scanned onto CDs. I am adding them as frequently as possible, page by page. Unfortunately there are hundreds still not scanned in, so there are some great pictures and whole periods of time missing.

I have chosen to show them in strict chronological order, which in many ways doesn't make much sense - I don't have a full narrative written out on the site so the order won't be of much interest to you... Also, if you wish to see pictures of India, for example, you'll have to look in two places (forward and return journeys), and if you like Land Rover pictures they'll be spread everywhere.

But, the order makes me happy, and it's my site.

I'll hopefully be re-working the entire section soon to incorporate a full, searchable database of the photos. And if anyone wants to lend me a decent scanner then please feel free to email me!


For those that are interested, all the pictures were taken on a trusty 1970s Olympus OM-2N with either a 28, 50 or 200mm lens. I say 'trusty' mainly because it sounds good and the camera was quite old. I'd never actually used it before the trip, or any other camera really. It's amazing how the urge to take photos increases as the scenery gets weirder and the native animals larger..

The great majority are shot on 35mm transparency but there are some negatives in there as well.

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